Where To Purchase Cannabis Online In Canada?


Canada became the second country to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. It includes many weed products, such as oils, tinctures, edibles, vapes, and more.

CBD Tincture Benefits And Dosage


CBD tincture is a highly potent extract produced by steeping hemp flowers in a solvent mixture of water and alcohol. This substance is so concentrated that only 30ml can deliver a whopping 4,000 mg of cannabinoid.

What Are The Effects of Marijuana on Anxiety Disorder?


Many people think of Marijuana as a kind of miracle drug because it offers healing to certain medical conditions that prescription meds are not as natural and potent for. Anxiety disorder is one of those severe illnesses that Marijuana extracted compounds are now popular for giving relief and effective treatment.

Chemdawg Strain Review


You have probably heard Chemdawg described as the perfect solution for relaxing your mind and body. Chemdawg strains are known to help with musculoskeletal pain and anxiety. The cross between such benefits and a strong need for natural remedies has made this strain into the cannabis hall of fame.

What Is Cannabis Sativa And Indica Difference


You’ve probably heard more exciting facts about cannabis products, especially how they can give you therapeutic and euphoric benefits. But if that’s the only thing you know, you are still uninformed. Yeah, that’s because the choices in the market differ in origins, either from Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica. These are two main types of cannabis, and they are not the same in terms of properties and effects. Hence, you must understand how each one works for you. This will ensure that you’re using the right cannabis products to meet your expectations.

Buy Vape Pens Online in Canada


Many people love consuming weed using vape pens. These portable devices are discreet and easy to use, allowing them to get high on the go. Teens and young adults also prefer the usually sleek and classy design of the product that exactly fits the norms of their social circle. It’s why vape pens are in-demand nowadays, and more companies are selling them online.

Beginner Guide on How To Smoke Hash


Smoking has always been the default when it comes to consuming cannabis. If you want to take each huff to newer highs, then maybe it’s time you smoke hash.
The hash is a concentrated form of cannabis sourced from the plant’s resin plants, for starters. This cannabinoid-rich extract offers much stronger highs than your good ‘ole marijuana flower.

Where To Buy Live Resin In Canada


Live resin is an exciting and new cannabis product. If you haven’t heard of this concentrate yet, then you’re surely missing out on all the canna-fun!
Flash-freezing cannabis flowers make it until extracting its compounds through a solvent like butane.

CBD Gummies You Should Try Out


CBD gummies are chewy treats that contain cannabinoid CBD. CBD gummies do not produce a psychoactive “high” since they have less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most well-known mind-altering chemical found in the cannabis plant. Furthermore, several businesses regulate the amount of CBD that goes into each gummy, allowing you to know precisely how much CBD you’re consuming with each serving.

Blue Zombie Strain Review


Blue-zombie is a complete Indica strain with medical-grade potency and effects (not to be confused with the Zombie OG strain lineage). This strain has a surprising variety of terpenes, including aromas of fresh ground coffee, gasoline, and skunky grape. Blue Zombie wraps the head in a euphoric, mood-enhancing cloud within the first half-hour and creeps upon the body with numbness and sedation. This particular cut may be highly beneficial to patients suffering from chronic pain.

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