Best Cannabis Strain to Treat Anxiety

Occasionally, everyone experiences anxiety. However, it can be tricky to manage if the anxiety persists or begins to affect your quality of life. Chronic anxiety is the term used here. As an alternative treatment for anxiety, marijuana has gained popularity. 


However, you must know which strain is best for your needs. And to find the optimal strain for anxiety relief, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the effects of the different cannabis strains. Various hybrid marijuana strains have a different impact on the user than pure Indica or Sativa strains. Read on as we will look at some of the best marijuana strains for treating anxiety.


THC vs CBD Strains for Anxiety

THC-dominant strains are most popular because they mimic the euphoric effects of cannabis. However, some people are sensitive to the intoxicating effects of THC; they experience increased levels of anxiety when consuming high doses of THC.


For such individuals (who struggle with anxiety), CBD strains may be a better choice. The next step in finding the perfect strain is to look into terpenes, the aromatic molecules in cannabis that give each strain its scent and perhaps its effects. This step is essential once you’ve decided whether you want high THC, CBD, etc.


Tips on Finding the Perfect Strain of Marijuana for Anxiety

Here are several parameters you should consider; they can help you find the best cannabis strains for anxiety:


Consider Test Results

Although the cannabis strains on this list contain relaxing and anxiety-relieving substances, each is unique. For example, some strains may contain significant amounts of sedative myrcene, while others may have more pinene.


You can learn a lot about the potency of a strain by looking at the various test results that have been conducted on that particular variety. Opt for strains that include these specific terpenes:

  • Linalool
  • Bisabolol
  • Limonene
  • Nerolidol


Dose Carefully

Make sure you begin with the least amount possible if you know or fear that THC or CBD products may make you more anxious.


Cannabis has biphasic effects, meaning that the right amount of the plant can be pretty beneficial for a person. However, if you set the dose too high, you are more likely to experience unwanted side effects.


Want to escape the unpleasant effects of cannabis? Dose wisely.


Best Strains for Stress

There is a wide range of cannabis products for anxiety, but not all are produced in the same way. Different cannabis strains have different effects; for example, some increase concentration ability, e.g., products for focus. In other words, certain strains are better suited for treating a particular problem. Below are some cannabis strains for stress-relief:


OG Kush

OG Kush is an excellent choice to reduce your stress level. This strain induces euphoria and can help relieve tension, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. In addition, some people have also experienced relief from headaches and migraines after consuming this strain. 


The OG Kush strain has a woody, earthy flavor and a distinct aroma with tons of pine and hints of sour lemon.


Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies. It is known to induce relaxation. This strain has a THC content of between 25% and 28%. 

Customers consider this strain to be one of the best marijuana strains for stress and anxiety, as it relieves tension and promotes physical relaxation of the body.


Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze seems to be a potent medicinal marijuana strain. It lives up to its name. The stimulating properties of this Sativa-dominant hybrid are well known. The strain has gained popularity due to its higher THC content, which leads to psychedelic effects. Nevertheless, it is quite effective in relieving anxiety symptoms.


Afghani Indica, Cambodian Sativa and Jamaican Landrace are all present in the strain. The strain’s high THC content of 20% provides you with a strong head high. It’s mild cerebral high allows you to enjoy it a few hours before bedtime. 


The high limonene concentration in Amnesia Haze gives it a unique citrus scent. Moreover, it increases the strain’s ability to reduce anxiety and improve your mood.


Chocolate Chunk Strain

Chocolate Chunk is considered one of the best marijuana strains for anxiety relief. This strain has an earthy clove scent with a hint of chocolate in its texture. This strain is derived entirely from an Indica dominant strain and acts as a sedative.


If you have trouble falling asleep due to anxiety, winding down the night with this marijuana strain could be the perfect way to calm your mind and rest.


Due to its sedating effects, we don’t recommend consuming Chocolate Chunk Strain in the middle of the day. However, the strain is perfect for bedtime unless you want to sit on the couch all day. It also contains a lot of THC, meaning you can expect psychoactive effects.


Jack Attack Strain

Despite its violent moniker, Jack Attack is also one of the best anti-anxiety marijuana strains. It is a Sativa-dominant strain with a high THC and a low CBD content. On the other hand, this strain has mixed ancestry, containing both Sativa and Indica for a balanced effect.


The overall effect of consuming this cannabis strain is calming for the user. However, if you are sensitive to a high THC content and it makes you anxious, we recommend switching to a strain with a more immediate soothing effect.


Granddaddy Purple

You must try Granddaddy Purple. Indica strains Big Bud and Purple Urkle were combined to create this hybrid. Large buds and bright purple colors make this plant special. The Big Bud strain is responsible for these two characteristics. Thanks to the Purple Urkle, this variety has a pleasant aroma reminiscent of blueberries and grapes.


Muscle cramps, malaise, insomnia, nausea and anxiety are among the problems the Granddaddy Purple strain can help with. Even though the strain can dry out your mouth, it is an excellent option to relieve your anxiety.


Sour Diesel

Another Sativa-dominant strain, Sour Diesel (“Sour D”), induces mental stimulation, making it one of the best marijuana strains to relieve stress and anxiety. 


After consuming this strain, you’ll feel elated and energized, but you’ll also get that “dreamy” feeling. Sour D is said to have a lemon/lime flavor, where the “sour” part of the name comes from. Deep relaxation, happiness and mindfulness are just some of the positive effects of this strain.



The Pennywise cannabis strain is a relaxing Indica flower with a THC/CBD ratio of almost one. The strain is ideal for those who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without getting too high because of its high CBD content.


In addition to CBD, the Pennywise cannabis strain may contain significant amounts of linalool, a terpene scent molecule. Linalool is a pleasant, floral-smelling chemical found in large quantities in the lavender plant. Inhaling lavender oil with a high linalool content is successful in reducing anxiety.


Experts believe that the presence of linalool in combination with CBD may enhance the plant’s anti-anxiety and antispasmodic properties.


Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is a cannabis strain with strong Indica dominance and high THC content. Therefore, it is best to start cautiously with this plant. On the other hand, Skywalker OG contains many anxiety-relieving terpenes, including limonene, linalool, and bisabolol. 


Bisabolol is a floral terpene found abundantly in chamomile flowers and is thought to play a role in the plant’s calming and stress-relieving properties.



A strain with low or no THC content may be the best option for people suffering from persistent anxiety. ACDC is a CBD-dominant cannabis strain. Therefore, it promotes concentration. Due to its high beta-pinene content, it is best enjoyed in the morning.


Plants with pine-like aromas contain pinene, one of the most common terpenes. However, the ACDC strain also contains significant limonene and calming bisabolol.


These components work together to produce a mentally stimulating and anxiety-relieving plant. While sedatives are commonly used to treat anxiety, people who respond well to this strain may find that ACDC relieves anxiety without drowsiness.


Bottom Line

This article has listed some cannabis strains that can help reduce anxiety. One thing is for sure; each person is unique. Be aware of your body’s reaction to different strains. What’s the solution? Always choose the right supplier that can answer all your questions and offer you the product that suits your needs.

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