Best Indica Strains To Help You Sleep

Like exercise and food, sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

According to a credible report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should get seven vital hours of sleep each night. More than 35% of American adults report they cannot do so.


It’s not surprising that many adults struggle with sleep. Perhaps you also have trouble falling asleep. Or maybe the most challenging part for you is to remain asleep.


While working out during the day and drinking milk before bed can help you sleep better, they aren’t always sufficient. Hence, many individuals are looking into cannabis as a possible solution.


Marijuana For Sleep

Marijuana comes in various strains, each with its own set of effects. Indica and Sativa are the most popular strains:


  • Indica is considered to be more relaxing and can help in the production of feelings of comfort and drowsiness. People tend to prefer indica for pain relief, leisure, and sleep.
  • Sativa is more stimulating, and it can produce feelings of happiness (in some folks). Users prefer to use Sativa to boost their energy levels.


THC, the cannabinoid that induces the “high,” is present in both strains. Indica, on the other hand, has higher quantities of CBD than Sativa, with numerous potential medical benefits. However, it’s THC that’s primarily responsible for sleep.


Naturally, most people choose indica when they purchase cannabis for sleep. Before deciding on a strain, you should first understand the distinction between the two varieties of cannabis.


Indica vs. Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is native to locations with hotter conditions near the equator, such as East Asia. In contrast, Cannabis Indica is native to colder climates. The strains’ unique appearance is because of these environmental variances, but do they also result in different “highs”?


Contrary to popular belief, the effects of cannabis are more likely due to cannabinoids and terpenes, substances found in the cannabis plant, than the strains. While some cannabinoids and terpenes are found more frequently in an “Indica” or a “Sativa,” none are found solely in one to suggest that an Indica or a Sativa will always have the same effects.


Part of this is due to Indica-Sativa crossbreeding. These are commonly referred to as “hybrids.” Many Indica and Sativa strains have hybrid origins.


Generally, many of the distinctions between Sativa and Indica strains are based on the subjective experience of cannabis consumers. Some researchers think that the distinction between Indica and Sativa strains is less important than the variation in THC levels and other components in any given product.


Cannabinoids & Terpenes

Understanding cannabinoids and terpenes are the keys to comprehending the effects of cannabis. Cannabinoids interact with a system scientists call the “endocannabinoid system” in the human body to produce the effects of marijuana.


There are hundreds of cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, but THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most well-known. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid inducing the “high” associated with weed. CBD has several anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties that have bolstered support for medicinal marijuana.


On the other hand, Terpenes are best recognized for bringing a range of different scents to marijuana. Some terpenes have a flowery scent, while others have a fruity and citrusy smell. In contrast, some others have a pine fragrance. Fittingly, terpenes can also be found in other plants and fruits.


The three terpenes you’ll find in the finest cannabis for sleeping are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. Myrcene has a strong sedative effect that will keep you glued to your sofa. Moreover, pinene and caryophyllene reduce anxiety, stress, and pain.


According to the limited study available, these terpenes help determine which strain of marijuana you’re dealing with. Still, they may also play a part in the effects of the drug, similar to cannabinoids.


Marijuana Vs. Other Sleep Aids

Since marijuana is a restricted substance, studies on the safety and effectiveness of hemp sleep aids are limited compared to other sleep aids. The FDA has only approved a few synthetic medications that imitate THC and one naturally produced CBD product. These are employed to treat nausea and other problems but do not help you sleep.


Some people may turn to medical cannabis to avoid more potent meds, including opioids. Even though they can be pretty helpful in the short term, many prescription and over-the-counter sleep drugs risk abuse, tolerance, or dependency.


Some natural sleep remedies, such as oral Melatonin, appear to treat insomnia without causing severe side effects, while others, such as Valerian, require additional research.


Best Indica Strains For Sleep

Users report getting good outcomes with the following strains when it comes to getting a drug-addled good night’s sleep. Keep in mind that strains change from batch to batch, so your results may vary depending on the product. You can also shop our handpicked selection of strains to help you sleep.


Northern Lights

The Northern Lights strain boasts a complex blend of natural sweetness and a well-praised top-shelf flavor profile, with spicy pine, oak, hash, Skunk, and a hint of citrus.


Northern Lights Indica strain is a mix of Afghani and Thai that’s 95 percent Indica and only 5% Sativa. THC levels range from 16 to 21%, whereas CBD levels are non-existent. Northern Lights offers all of the normal benefits of a potent indica: mind-body relaxation, ecstatic body high, heightened hunger, sedation, and an overall happy feeling.


Northern Lights is a nighttime strain, but it also has various medical benefits. Chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and stress relief are popular uses for this strain. Weight reduction and chronic headache pain management are also among their benefits.



Granddaddy Purple 

Granddaddy Purple (also known as Granddaddy Purps, Grand Daddy Purp, and GPD) is a famous Indica strain on the west coast and possibly the most well-known ‘purple’ cannabis strain in the United States. From its Mendo Purps and Afghanistan parents, this California mainstay gets a deep grape and berry aroma, while Skunk gets an enormous, compact bud shape.


In 2003, Ken Estes and his colleagues in the San Francisco Bay Area set out to create the best Indica dominant hybrid by crossing two marijuana strains with exceptional genetics – Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Grand Daddy Purple, the child of these two, is a carbon copy of the parent’s best characteristics.


Every list of the top cannabis strains for sleep includes Granddaddy Purple. It’s a tried-and-true THC-dominant marijuana type that’s been around for years. It’s known to help with sleep and contains a lot of myrcene, able to keep you glued to your bed.


Critical Kush

Critical Kush is an Indica marijuana strain with a high THC content. Cultivated by Barney’s Farm, this famous strain can provide a euphoric experience if taken in the right quantities. Aromatic tones of earthiness and spice create a relaxing effect that calms the mind and the body.


Critical Kush is a potent cross of Critical Mass and the original OG Kush. Together, they’ve invented a next-level Indica that’s medicinally useful and delivers a mind-blowing high!


This flower has high THC levels ranging from 16-29 percent and moderate CBD levels of roughly 2%, making it a flower you definitely shouldn’t overlook. Critical Kush isn’t just known for its energizing high but is also a famous Indica dominant hybrid strain able to decrease REM sleep.


God’s Gift

With 17% THC content, God’s Gift is a fruity, citrus, and hash-flavored strain that became popular in California dispensaries around 2005. Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush are their parents. With its dreamy, joyful effects, this strain is a heaven-sent “gift” regardless of your religious beliefs.


After its release in 1995, God’s Gift became a huge hit throughout the West Coast and California. It has only grown in popularity since then. However, its roots and source of creation are unknown.


Regardless of whether or not we know the truth, which is just too complex to trace, the breeders most usually associated with the name “God’s Gift” are BC Bud Depot and Scorpion Crew. These are two of the most talented marijuana seed producers in the world.


Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG, often known as “Tahoe OG Kush,” is the ideal marijuana strain for a rainy day. You may not want to smoke this strain if you plan to leave the house since it is potent and fast-acting. It’s a balanced hybrid that’s a cross of SFV OG Kush and OG Kush, probably blended with Afghani (but the Indica side shines through). 


Tahoe OG has developed a reputation for itself among Indicas for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, or a lack of appetite. It’s a great nighttime strain since it gives you a very sluggish, heavy feeling in your body.


Tahoe OG incorporates all traditional Indica effects with an added euphoric, Sativa-like kick thanks to its excellent genetics. This strain has an earthy lemon flavor, a variant of OG Kush. It has very little CBD, and its THC content can reach up to 25%, which is more than enough for a veteran user.


Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies, also known as “Blue Girl Scout Cookies” and “Blue GSC,” is one of the most potent Indica dominant strains nicknamed after its appearance and flavor. Under a dense covering of ice crystals, its harvest-ready buds have a bluish and sometimes purple color.


Blue Cookies have a THC content of 26% and are a hybrid between two popular strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. Novice users should be cautious of this strain because it can be pretty potent. As the offspring of two heavyweight champion marijuana strains, Blue Cookies delivers a crushing punch of pleasure to the skull, where it quickly seeps in to relax the entire body. 


Sweet berry aromas mingle with earthy cherry notes in a flavor profile as intriguing as the bud’s thick layer of frosty resin, which spreads across twisting green and purple colors.


Indica Use & Effects

According to what users opine about Indica, this strain is supposed to be perfect for nighttime use. Indica dominant strains are sold as drugs with similar effects to a sedative, great for stress relief or sleep. 


Indica’s effects on the body can also benefit pain management, and the relaxing chemicals make it a favorite among those who want natural anxiety treatment options. It’s worth mentioning that pain and stress relief are two of the most significant selling points of medical marijuana products. 


Some also believe that smoking Indica strains stimulate their appetite. Consequently, Indica strains are recognized for providing a body high rather than a head high.


Consuming Marijuana For Sleeping: Tips

Marijuana can be smoked, vaped, ingested, or applied as a sublingual tincture under the tongue. Each cannabis form has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Smokers concerned about its effects on their lungs may want to refrain from using joints, blunts, or bongs.

Different strains of marijuana have variable bioavailability, meaning how much active THC makes it into your bloodstream. THC has a high bioavailability since it enters your system instantly when you inhale marijuana.


On the other hand, edibles lose a large portion of their THC during digestion. Smoked marijuana has a bioavailability rate of up to 56%, whereas freshly digested marijuana has a bioavailability rate of 4-20%.


When To Take Cannabis Before Sleep

When selecting a marijuana strain, keep in mind that some strains take longer or shorter to produce effects. When you smoke marijuana, the effects are usually felt almost instantly. However, edibles take longer to take effect since they must pass through your digestive system first.


The effects of smoked marijuana vary dramatically depending on the individual, strain type, and other variables. It’s worth noting that THC levels often peak after about 10 minutes.


Morning After Weed-Induced Slumber

We’ve explained that Indica strains can help you get those essential seven or eight hours of shut-eye—and we’ve narrowed the list of best Indica-dominant hybrids down to just seven to get you going. But what about the following morning?


That’s a question for which there is no clear answer. It’s worth repeating that medical marijuana has distinct effects on different people. A strain that works well for one person’s sleeplessness might not work for someone else. Similarly, one user may wake up feeling like a million dollars while another has an unpleasant headache from a particular strain.


Symptoms of a cannabis hangover include drowsiness, headaches, mental fog, and laziness. Whether or not you experience this depends on how your body reacts to the strain.



Final Thoughts

Sleep deprivation can have far more negative consequences than simply making you grouchy and irritable. For example, did you know that sleeping difficulties like insomnia and poor-quality sleep raise the likelihood of workplace accidents and reduce overall performance?


Using marijuana for sleep is a personal choice. Synthetic marijuana appears to help with nightmares and insomnia, but we know that research on the subject is still limited and thus insufficient.


However, thousands of people swear by the herb as an efficient sleep aid. If you decide to give it a try, proceed with caution and start with a tiny dose to evaluate how it affects your body and mind. We have a wide variety of strains suitable for all sorts of users, no matter how sleep-deprived they are. Make sure to check them out. Perhaps you’ll find an exciting marijuana strain!

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