Blue Zombie Strain Review

Blue-zombie is a complete Indica strain with medical-grade potency and effects (not to be confused with the Zombie OG strain lineage). This strain has a surprising variety of terpenes, including aromas of fresh ground coffee, gasoline, and skunky grape. Blue Zombie wraps the head in a euphoric, mood-enhancing cloud within the first half-hour and creeps upon the body with numbness and sedation. This particular cut may be highly beneficial to patients suffering from chronic pain.

Blue Zombie, like the zombie it’s named after, appears to be an impossibility. How does this bud exist at all, with unknown breeders and a hypothetical lineage? Most people say it’s brand new to the market and a hybrid between Blue Dream and something from the Haze family. However, no one can confirm or deny this.

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Blue Zombie is a creeper with a solid and consistent THC content of 21%. This bud’s nugs are large and lengthy, with beautiful purple undertones, orange pistils, and lavender trichomes. This mystery strain’s flavours and aromas are diverse, with traces of coffee, grape, diesel, berry, and skunk all vying for your attention. You’re in for a real treat if you can get past the initial sensory assault.

This Indica-dominant strain provides a significant mood boost right away, so the first 30 minutes of your high will feel a little out of place. Users will feel slightly fuzzy but may be unsure when the high THC levels will kick in. Thanks to a solid sofa lock that renders you practically immobilized, prepare to be transformed into a zombie yourself. Due to the intense effects of Blue Zombie, some users report falling asleep. Thus it’s better to consume this strain when you have nothing else to do.

Depression and worry are no match for Blue Zombie’s abilities, as you’ll be stoned and fuzzy and won’t be able to think about anything negative. High THC levels also help with pain, cramps, muscular spasms, and migraines, and insomniacs will appreciate how quickly they fall asleep while high. While this strain is suitable for both recreational and medicinal usage, it appears that people suffering from physical and mental problems benefit more than those trying to have a good time.

Do you want to learn how to grow some of this strain for yourself? We’re in the same boat. You might as well abandon this garden endeavour because there are no known breeders and no obvious way to obtain seeds or clones. If you manage to get Blue Zombie components, consider planting them outside in a warm climate. It has a strong odour, so make sure your neighbours aren’t going to tell on you.

Sometimes we all need to disconnect from reality for a minute and visit La La Land. Despite its strange name, Blue Zombie is here to achieve just that with an experience unlike any other. If you can handle its potent aromas and smells, it could become your new go-to strain for unwinding after a long day and getting a good night’s sleep.

Blue Zombie is a strain with an enigmatic history. Some speculate that it is a Blue Dream offspring. However, this has yet to be verified. Its popularity, however, is based on its effects rather than its origins.

It has a well-known Indica buzz that clears the mind of troubles and relaxes the body. Planting itself in the limbs produces a calming bliss with a light heaviness that grows stronger as the effects last. Users are sometimes hypnotized by its hypnotic powers, earning the moniker “Undead Fabled Creature,” based on undead mythical monsters who behave similarly. However, it cradles one to sleep on the way down.

Aside from the enthralling recreational effects, the medical alleviation it provides is immeasurable. It relieves pain by calming down jerky muscular movements. At the same time, it creates an atmosphere conducive to a restful evening or a deep slumber.

Flavours and odours 

Blue Zombie has a wide range of aromas. It has a broad spectrum of flavours, from ripe citrus sweet to freshly ground coffee, especially after the buds have been combusted. A blend of different fruits, such as grapefruit and blueberry, coats the tongue on the palate. Its smoke has a sour skunk and diesel flavour. It produces a tart but delicious aftertaste on the exhale, reminiscent of grapes and cherries.


Blue Zombie is a potent strain with consistent THC levels of up to 21%. It is, however, a creeper, with effects beginning 15 minutes after the first few puffs. When an uplifting rush filters out negativity, users usually perceive the onset.

Blue Zombie casts a blissful high as thoughts fade away. It gives the person an unexplained feeling of happiness that makes them smile. A mixture of happiness and delight characterizes the fresh, optimistic attitude. It promotes happy talks and laughter, as well as preparing consumers for the upcoming Indica high.

It’s a good idea to eat some snacks. The mental stimulation stimulates hunger, even if it is slight. It is easier to move around while under the effect of Blue Zombie if you have food prepared and placed nearby. After all, it does produce a gentle kneading action that relaxes the muscles.

The high levels of relaxation make one feel like a zombie, hence the strain’s name. As users fall into a pleasant slumber, it drags down their eyelids. Over one’s tolerance limits will bind the body to the sofa as nervous thoughts flood the mind.

Adverse Effects 

Excessive consumption of Blue Zombie causes anxiety and a mild sense of paranoia. It causes people to feel slightly disoriented, especially if the dizziness persists. To get the most out of your experience, you must exercise restraint. Dry eyes and a cottonmouth will still be present, as both are caused by the bud’s moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids, not by the dosage. Constant hydration will help to alleviate the discomfort.

Medical Applications and Benefits 

Blue Zombie is not only a fun way to pass the time, but it’s also an excellent way for sufferers to get some medical relief. Its medicinal value is due to the cannabinoids it contains. It produces a head-to-toe high that is mainly characterized by stress-relieving serenity when engaged.

For example, it increases emotions and occupies a despairing mind with happy memories that support a positive attitude at first. At the same time, it clears the mind of ramblings and worries brought on by a high degree of stress. As a result, it provides stress relief for people with chronic stress and antidepressant relief for long-term sufferers of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The same pleasure that soothes the mind also numbs the body for pain alleviation. Chronic pains, headaches, and muscle cramps, to name a few, are all relieved by it. It prevents the muscles from constricting by relaxing them. Blue Zombie will provide relief to patients suffering from muscle spasms caused by epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease.

Many people experience mellow tiredness as a result of their emancipation from mental and physical burdens. It encourages users to succumb to the weight it has instilled in their limbs. Blue Zombie lulls the fan to bed for a restful night, much like a sleep medication.

Developing a Blue Zombie 

Blue Zombie’s olive green buds are tinted with a gorgeous swirl of purples. Its flaming orange pistils give it personality while also preserving its trichomes. 

The plant matures outside between the end of September and the second or third week of October. Growers can, however, extend the flowering period.

Indoors, growers should maintain a chilly atmosphere, especially when the plant begins to blossom. It’s also important to keep an eye on the fragrance. Air circulation to the lower nodes is improved by adequate ventilation, which ensures that the aroma exits. A single square meter of marijuana can generate up to 350 grams of buds in as little as 7 to 9 weeks of flowering. Its vibrant colours will be brought out as the temperature drops. The pigments seem more bright as the temperature drops.

Blue Zombie is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain generated by crossing the legendary Blue Dream with an unknown strain. The breeders keep the identity of Blue Zombie’s second parent a mystery, though it is considered to be a Haze family member given to its flavour and effects. Blue Zombie has a sweet grape, and berry flavour on the inhale, with traces of skunky Haze on the exhale, giving it a coffee-like sensation at times. The aroma is fragrant, spicy berries, rich coffee, and sharp diesel that grows stronger as the nugs burn.

The fragrances of fresh ground coffee, gasoline, and skunky grape can all be found in this strain’s terpene profile. Blue Zombie covers the head in a happy, mood-enhancing cloud and creeps over the body with numbness and sedation during the first half-hour. Patients suffering from chronic pain may find this particular cut to be quite therapeutic.

Type of High 

Blue Zombie marijuana produces euphoric bliss in the brain. Social connections, laugh, and chattiness is elicited. Body relaxation, mental calmness, sedation, and sleep follow. It aids in the management of pain and sleeplessness. It has the potential to cause sexual arousal.

Naturally, one must be named after the stupid beasts. As weird as it may sound, Blue Zombie brings with it more than just the delights of use. It also provides hours of relief for individuals in need of a break from their aches and pains.

At least in movies, there’s the issue of who bit who and turned one into the other. However, this cannabis strain, in particular, appears to have appeared on its own. Nobody knows who designed it. Its precise genetic lineage is unknown. We may expect many hypotheses to sprout in the next few years because it appears to be relatively new.

Here’s an illustration. Some believe Blue Dream is one of its parent strains. Meanwhile, its other parent’s identity is unclear. However, because of its flavour, others suggest that it could be Haze. 

Several people swear by it, even though its origin is unclear. While it has a calming effect, it is also beneficial for medicinal cannabis users. Blue Zombie is a fantastic game to play at the end of the day or whenever you’re bored. It can entrap people on the couch as well as send them to a dreamlike state.

In the past, a strain with 15% THC was considered mad. But times have changed. As more individuals enter the game, one of the characteristics they focus on is growing potency. One of them appears to be a Blue Zombie. With a potency of up to 21%, this cannabis is not for the faint of heart, especially for beginners and first-timers.

The strain does not appear immediately after use. Instead, it sneaks up on you after a while, leading the uninitiated to underestimate its power. Most people are put at rest by an uplifting experience that makes them feel pleasant, if not euphoric, once it happens. It may also cause sexual arousal in certain people.

The most common Sativa effect is a clear mind with increased focus. Blue Zombie, on the other hand, leaves you with a foggy mind. In other words, users are left with a sense of emptiness. Soon after, the potent Indica side instills an overpowering sense of relaxation, resulting in couch-lock. It turns people into zombies, as the name implies, but pleasantly. 

Blue Zombie is a fantastic nightcap for days when you have nothing to do or at the end of a long day. The scent of Blue Zombie is harsh, with undertones of skunk and petrol. A strong aroma of ground coffee and grape is also present. It does have a peculiar odour, but the contrast has proven to be a treat for you.

Its scent is carried over into its flavours to a large extent. The sweet berry note, which is reminiscent of the Haze, adds a little twist, though. Now that I think about it, It has a skunky smell and taste to it. Does this imply that Skunk No. 1 is one of its forefathers somewhere in its lineage?

Adverse Effects 

Blue Zombie isn’t the most pleasant of strains to cope with. The first is that it’s a creeper with a high THC level. Another focus is on the impacts it produces, particularly the ones that people dislike. 

The words “adverse response” conjure up images of dry eyes and mouth. When it comes to marijuana, this is a reality of life. Both issues are unavoidable and exacerbated by excessive use. However, there are other specific issues that potential users should be aware of. Some people may feel dizzy when under the influence of the strain’s numbing effects, while others may feel completely relaxed. Others might feel paranoid or nervous.


The users are the first to ease our reality before its effects dissipate totally. People will almost certainly fall asleep if you use Blue Zombie. On that basis, we can claim that insomniacs and anyone else in need of a good night’s sleep will benefit from this strain. Of course, medical marijuana users fall within this category.

As previously stated, it can make the mind clouded or fuzzy. When you’re feeling disconnected, stress fades away. As a result, it can help those who are depressed in addition to providing relief. 

Many people can speak to its ability to relieve pain. However, keep in mind that any medical claim is based solely on anecdotal evidence. It’s entirely due to a lack of studies or FDA approval. Users, on the other hand, are more knowledgeable.

Whoever created the Blue Zombie has kept their identity hidden. Its cultivation is mainly unknown. It features dark olive buds with orange hairs in terms of aesthetics. Regrettably, that is the only thing that can be seen clearly. 

It’s difficult to say whether the seeds are available or not at this moment. As a result, we must infer that obtaining a clipping is the only option to cultivate this plant. But even that could be not easy to come by.

Flowering Period 


Beginning in the seventh week, the Blue Zombie plant should be ready to flower. Please don’t take our word for it; it’s only a guess. A conservative estimate of its yield puts it at 10 to 12 ounces per square meter.


It’s hard not to appreciate folks who can openly grow marijuana. Few individuals have the luxury, but as more people become open to the idea of legalizing, that will change. Each plant is likely to yield 12 ounces or more of buds. Some believe Blue Zombie was created to produce larger yields, but that information is still classified. Outdoor flowering is most likely to occur between September and October.

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