Our Top 10 Best Tasting Chocolate Bar Edibles

This is our 2022 guide to the ten highest-rated local cannabis dispensaries with convenient chocolate edibles delivery service deals. They won’t keep you waiting for a long time. They have same-day delivery guarantees. And some in our carefully curated selection even offer 2-hour delivery promos this year.

And they won’t charge a fortune. After all, our selection only includes licensed eCommerce stores and certified cannabis shops. They’re committed to handing over your favorite hemp and THC chocolate bar Canada brands without any fuss. We’ve tested them repeatedly, of course. And we only kept ones that consistently provided us with top-quality products and quick, inexpensive services.

But after squaring away all that stuff, many of you aren’t probably going to immediately pick the best tasting edible chocolate bars Canada brands out there today. At least without comprehensive, up-to-date details about those shops and their products. However, that wouldn’t be enough, in our opinion.

That’s because it’s also crucial for you to know the exact kinds of edible chocolate bar products most suitable for your preferences and current physiological condition. After all, you surely wouldn’t want to end up with a high that doesn’t sit well with you. And neither should you settle with mediocre taste and lackluster flavor.

So that’s why in our guide to Canada’s ten best chocolate edibles delivery providers today, we don’t just prioritize delivery speed, product quality and overall cost for end customers like you. Instead, we discuss things like the most salient differences between Indica and Sativa chocolate bar Canada brands in deeper depth. We also provide comparative data between CBD and THC chocolate bars Canada products.

We want to help you make a more informed choice before shopping around. And that’s also why we have a wide variety of edibles available for you.

Plus, we outline the benefits of Indica chocolate bar Canada brands, hemp truffles, shatter bars and other types of hemp chocolate products out there today. That’s because we know that you’re looking for good-tasting stuff, and not just a strong body or mind high. Now dig in, so you can see for yourself exactly what we mean.

2022 Guide to Canada’s Top 10 Chocolate Edibles Delivery Providers

First, we begin with a section with our carefully curated collection of the ten best CBD and THC chocolate bars Canada brands. Also included are the certified eCommerce stores and licensed cannabis dispensaries that passed our recent tests for consistency of product quality, delivery speed, and affordability are also included.

Here, you’ll learn about the most popular edible chocolate bars Canada brands today. These got the largest number of votes from many cannabis lovers in communities all around the country. They helped us create this guide for the past several months.

But we didn’t just rely on anecdotal evidence from these communities. We also talked to several Canadian medical professionals and research scientists. They possess specialized expertise in designing and facilitating relevant clinical trials and lab tests. They’re dedicated to exploring suitable medical and therapeutic applications of THC and hemp chocolate bars, among other cannabis-infused edibles. And they currently work at some of the country’s top universities and pharmaceutical laboratories.

And, of course, we did our tests. We bought chocolate bar edibles from these brands and others highly recommended by our peers. Then, we took note of our entire experience, from placing our orders and having it delivered to enjoying its tasty goodness and tripping on its high until all effects wore off. Afterwards, we analyzed our logs and ran them through our comparative evaluation process.

Second, we dedicated the next section of our guide to the country’s ten best chocolate edibles delivery providers today for frequently asked questions. Here, we provide simple to understand science-backed answers to your most pressing questions about CBD and THC chocolate bars Canada brands, shatter bars and Indica chocolate bar Canada products.

We also included discussions about the most popular Sativa chocolate bars Canada brands this year, along with helpful up-to-date information about hemp chocolate products and hemp truffles. We also explain fundamental stuff about CBD, THC, marijuana, hemp and cannabis through the brief descriptions for each brand in our top 10 list.

And third, we provide a section for FAQs. Our objective is for our answers to guide you in knowing what and what not to do. This can be quite helpful while you’re shopping around for top quality edible chocolate bars Canada brands most suitable for your particular preferences and physiological condition. Plus, some of the tips we shared can enhance your edibles experience, making it safe and enjoyable for you.

We provided this brief inventory of the sections in our comprehensive guide to make it quicker and more convenient for you to find the stuff that you want to learn at any moment. You can easily jump to the section that interests you the most today, quickly skim through any section, get the most fascinating facts, and skip over the stuff you’re already aware of. And now, let’s start with the first section!

Top 10 Edible Chocolate Bars Canada Brands (2022)

Bhang THC Dark Chocolate Bar

The stuff in our Bhang THC milk chocolate bar review almost perfectly matched what many of our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers told us about their experience with this edible chocolate bar. Our mutual agreement was that this THC edible is from a hybrid strain, likely having a higher Indica concentration than Sativa.

That’s because, in almost all of our tests, we experienced Indica-dominant body high. This includes muscle relaxation, cottonmouth, red eyes, stronger appetite and sleepiness. Meanwhile, most anecdotal evidence we gathered from the local communities of cannabis lovers that helped us create this guide includes similar strong body high effects.

Reading its label, a Bhang THC milk chocolate bar is infused with a marijuana-derived concentrate that has 10% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and 48% fair-trade cacao, which Indica sustainably sources. It’s divided into four squares, each containing 2.5 mg of THC, expertly produced and carefully calibrated at Indiva’s advanced laboratories through certified quality assurance pipelines.

But as for the Sativa concentration of the strain used for this chocolate bar edible, we also mutually agreed that this produces mild to moderate mind high effects. This includes bouts of creative inspiration, deep introspection and cerebral elevation that usually involve intense focus and concentration.

And in our collective Bhang THC milk chocolate bar review, we also included the usual activities that we ended up doing while tripping on this THC chocolate bar Canada brand. This again matched what we learned from our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers, including watching TV and funny movies while eating light snacks.

On the other hand, many of us couldn’t encounter any cannabis aftertaste from this chocolate edible. Instead, we found it tasted just like how milk chocolate should — Sweet and creamy. And lots of Canadians agreed with us on this.

Aurora Drift Sea Salt & Caramel Milk Chocolate

This CBD chocolate bar edible is infused with 10 mg of CBD (cannabidiol) extracted from top shelf hemp strains. Sustainably sourced fair-trade cacao beans, whole milk powder, salt, sugar, soy Lecithin, whey, skim milk, and food-grade artificial flavoring are used for its milk chocolate ingredients and salted caramel flavor.

An Aurora Drift sea salt and caramel milk chocolate bar are divided into five squares. Each is infused with 2 mg of CBD. We like its sweet and creamy taste, with just the right hint of caramel and salt.

Many of our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers also told us that they like the milk chocolate, caramel and salt flavors they get from this chocolate bar. Meanwhile, regarding its effects, we felt a moderate body high, which is expected from a CBD edible. This includes muscle and skeletal relaxation, sleepiness, a little increase in appetite and a subtle, calming mind high.

Microdosing on CBD is quick and easy with this hemp chocolate bar. Just pop a sweet, creamy square with 2 mg of CBD, and you’ll feel CBD’s body and mind-calming effects after 30 to 60 minutes on average. And the high lasts for 1 to 3 hours, depending on your energy levels when you take them.

Foray Salted Caramel Chocolate Square Edible

This is another 2022 best-selling product, according to many of the chocolate edibles delivery providers in Canada that helped us develop this guide. It’s infused with 10 mg of THC and CBD combined, giving you a well-balanced 10% THC mind high and 10% CBD body high.

Ideal for micro-dosing, says many of our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers, this edible chocolate bars Canada brand is equally divided into ten squares. So you’ll get 1 mg of hybrid THC and CBD goodness when you pop one square. In turn, our test results indicate that its body and mind-calming effects kick in after half an hour or so and last for just as long.

Almost all of our testers say they felt calm and relaxed after popping a square of this edible chocolate bar. But some also told us that they also got mild to moderate mind high effects, including cerebral elevation and intense concentration, which manifested as brief bouts now and then during the entire experience.

And just like many of our fellow cannabis lovers in the local communities where we hang out, we like the combined sweet and salted caramel flavor of this product. It’s neither too sweet nor too creamy for our taste. Plus, there isn’t any hint of cannabis aftertaste.

Tweed Penelope Chocolate

This THC chocolate bars Canada brand offers a delectable blend of 10 mg THC and 7.5 mg CBD per bar. And because it’s evenly divided into four squares, you’ll get 2.5 mg of THC and no more than 1.9 mg of CBD per square.

Many residents in the Canadian communities who helped us develop our guide to the ten best chocolate edibles delivery providers said they consider this among their top picks for Sativa chocolate bars Canada brands. With a higher THC concentration blend, our testers say they felt mind-high effects as much as the relaxing body and mind high of CBD edibles.

So after popping one square of this edibles chocolate bar, you can expect to feel moderate cerebral elevation and intense concentration. And that’ll be complemented by mild muscle and skeletal relaxation, along with bouts of sleepiness and a little bit stronger appetite from time to time. According to our testers, this lasts for about half an hour to a couple at most, many of whom prefer microdoses like this.

Meanwhile, its sweet, creamy taste is absent of any cannabis aftertaste. And that’s another thing that we like about this product. Plus, its salted caramel flavor gives us the oomph that we want from our chocolate edibles.

Dixie Birthday Cake

This is a fairly large edible chocolate bar. It packs 100 mg of THC, with each square offering 8 mg each. Many of our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers told us they divide each square into four equal pieces. This way, they’ll just eat five pieces to get their preferred 10 mg THC microdose.

We’re also in mutual agreement with a lot of them regarding this product being an Indica chocolate bar Canada brand. That’s because almost all of our testers reported getting a strong body high about half an hour or so after eating their preferred microdose. This includes muscle and skeletal relaxation, sleepiness and mind-calming effects.

None said they experienced mild cerebral elevation and intense concentration, which are expected effects of THC chocolate edibles made out of Sativa-dominant distillate. Plus, our results indicate that the higher microdose our testers ingested, the stronger body high they felt. And, this high lasted longer. So keep this in mind since you wouldn’t want to overshoot and end up feeling dizzy and very sleepy in certain situations.

It’s unlikely for you to get any cannabis aftertaste from this chocolate edible. But what you’ll instead get is a sweet, creamy white chocolate flavor with a nice hint of vanilla. The sprinkles on top of these chocolates also provide additional texture for your palate. That’s because these are crunchy and come with mild hints of fruity flavors.

Défoncé Chocolatier Extra Dark Chocolate

This is another all-time favorite of many Canadian cannabis lovers in the communities that helped us develop our guide to this year’s top 10 chocolate edibles delivery providers. Many of them consider this an artisanal CBD chocolate edible, even if each large 100 mg bar contains 5.5 mg THC per triangular serving.

And after testing this edible chocolate bars Canada brand several times, we perfectly understood why they consider this as a CBD edible even with its considerable THC content. The effects we felt shortly after eating a triangular serving mainly consisted of a strong body high, which is expected from CBD edibles. This includes muscular and skeletal relaxation, pain relief, stronger appetite, sleepiness and reduced fatigue.

But some of our testers also reported bouts of creative inspiration, giddiness, giggles and intense concentration. Although these were brief stints happening at random intervals during their experience, they said. So after consulting a couple of medical professionals with specialized experience in cannabis edibles, we learned that this could be attributed to the Sativa concentration of the top shelf distillate used for this product.

Many of our fellow Canadian edible lovers call this an Indica chocolate bar Canada brand. But we believe this product is infused with top-shelf distillate extracted from premium hybrid strains, particularly with a blend that leans more towards Indica than Sativa.

As for taste and flavor, this for lots of us is as close to gourmet cannabis as you’d get from the best chocolate edibles delivery providers in Canada today. And we also love its luxurious packaging, along with its premium triangular mold.

Mindy’s Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee

Many local cannabis consumers who cast their votes for our selection consider this product as among the best Sativa chocolate bars Canada brands they ever had as of this writing. But most of our testers say this should be classified as an Indica chocolate bar Canada brand.

So we took a closer look at their reviews and notes. And what we learned is they experienced different effects. The former group got a tad stronger mind high than a body high. This includes cerebral elevation, which brings about higher energy levels, creative inspiration, deeper introspection, intense concentration and focused determination.

On the other hand, the latter group experienced stronger body high and mild mind high effects. They say this includes physical relaxation, sleepiness, cravings for light snacks from time to time, red eyes, and a dry mouth. And as for the mind-high effects they got, they say this was mostly brief stints of cerebral elevation that happened at random intervals while they were high.

After learning these things, we consulted some Canadian research groups that continue to perform clinical trials and lab tests to determine the beneficial effects of naturally occurring compounds in cannabis plants. We asked them for the most likely reasons behind our data. We were told that it’s highly likely for the individual’s current state of body and mind at the time of ingestion to have significantly contributed to these mixed results. They said if you take these edibles at the end of a long tiring day, especially without having any food an hour or so beforehand, then there’s a good chance you’ll feel stronger body high effects. Meanwhile, we were also told that if you take this right after breakfast coming from a restful sleep, the odds are stacked up in favor of you feeling stronger mind high effects.

As for cannabis content, a 100 mg Mindy’s dark chocolate almond toffee bar is infused with 10 mg of premium cannabis distillate. But do take note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that each bar has 10% THC. Instead, 10% of its content is a blend of CBD, THC and other naturally occurring compounds in cannabis plants, such as terpenes. Also, each bar is divided into eight equal parts, with each one containing no more than 12.5 mg of premium cannabis concentrate.

Meanwhile, Canada’s dark edible chocolate bar uses sustainably sourced premium fair-trade cacao beans for its dark and milk chocolate blend. Smooth caramel, crunchy toffee and smoked almonds are also added to this delectable mix.

Our testers and the Canadian cannabis lovers in the communities that helped us develop our guide to the country’s ten best chocolate edibles delivery providers are in mutual agreement regarding its taste. They love its premium dark chocolate flavor with just the right hint of creaminess. And all that’s thanks to its milk chocolate component. Also, it’s infused with just the right salted smoky flavor. And that’s thanks this time to its almonds and caramel ingredients. Plus, there isn’t a hint of any cannabis aftertaste with this edible chocolate bars Canada brand.

Kiva Confections Tangerine Dark Chocolate

Kiva Confections’ tangerine dark chocolate bars each pack 100 mg of sustainably sourced premium fair-trade cacao, top-shelf cannabis distillate, and fresh tangerines. This chocolate edible is neatly divided into 20 squares. And each square has 5 mg of a carefully calibrated THC and CBD blend.

You won’t get any cannabis aftertaste from this CBD and THC chocolate bars Canada brand. Instead, you’ll get that fresh tangerine tang, citrus zest and premium bitter-sweet dark chocolate flavor.

Meanwhile, most of our testers told us that the cannabis distillate in these chocolate edibles is likely to be from premium Sativa-dominant strains. That’s because they reported higher energy levels, cerebral elevation, deeper introspection, creative inspiration and intense concentration, among other strong mind high effects 1 to 2 hours after microdosing on a 5 mg square. Many of them also reported mild to moderate body high effects, including physical relaxation and calmness.

On the other hand, many of our fellow cannabis lovers at the Canadian groups and communities that helped us create our guide to this year’s ten highest rated chocolate edibles delivery providers also classified these edibles as a Sativa chocolate bars Canada brand. Some of them prefer a microdose of 10 mg. So they eat two squares at a time. This makes their high a little bit longer than a 5 mg microdose. They told us that with a 10 mg microdose, their high lasts for about 3 to 4 hours instead of a 1 to 2-hour high on a 5 mg microdose.

Somatik THC Chocolate Coffee Bean Sparks

These Somatik THC Chocolate Coffee Bean Sparks were also classified by most of our testers as a Sativa chocolate bars Canada brand, although these aren’t technically chocolate bars. That’s because this edible comes in a pack of small rounded chocolates, each with 3 mg of premium THC and CBD blend. And each pack has 30 rounded chocolates.

Many other Canadian cannabis lovers at various groups and communities all around the country that we interviewed for the past several months share the same sentiment. Many of them told us that they experience a stronger mind high than body high half an hour or so after popping a piece. This includes cerebral elevation and intense concentration, along with higher than usual energy levels that could likely be attributed to the premium coffee beans used as this chocolate edible’s main ingredients.

Meanwhile, we all love the delectable blended flavors of this vegan chocolate edible. That’s a unique mix of dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, dandelion root and other organic therapeutic vegan herbs. Combined, this completely masks out any cannabis aftertaste.

Cheeba Chews Indica Chocolate Taffy

As its name suggests, this is an Indica chocolate bar Canada brand. Each taffy has 100 mg of premium THC and CBD content, evenly divided into ten pieces. So one square will give you a nice cannabis microdose of 10 mg.

Lots of our testers fell sound asleep with just one square microdose. And we heard the same anecdotes from many of our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers. This is a testament to the potency of the top-shelf distillate made from premium Indica-dominant strains used for this product.

On the other hand, our testers who managed to stay awake reported they felt stronger than usual CBD effects. This is mainly body high manifesting as physical relaxation, relief from pain and discomfort. Also included are red eyes, cottonmouth, a considerable increase in appetite, and sleepiness are also included.

We also like its nutty taste and chocolate taffy flavor. Plus, you won’t get any cannabis aftertaste from one (for beginners and those who prefer small microdoses) or even several squares at a time (for those with highly developed tolerance).

FAQs About Edible Chocolate Bars Canada Products

How Much of a Chocolate Bar Edible Should You Eat?

Beginners are recommended to start with 2 to 3 mg of an edible chocolate product, especially if it’s your first time. This is for THC, CBD or blended chocolate bar edibles. On the other hand, seasoned chocolate edible consumers are recommended to microdose from 5 to 10 mg at a time. And to prevent yourself from eating too much and experiencing a longer, stronger high, you should keep in mind that the effects of these chocolate edibles normally kick in an hour or two after eating them. Plus, don’t forget that the high usually lasts for about 4 to 12 hours, depending on the dose you took.

Are Chocolate Edibles Stronger?

Compared to the high you’ll often get when you smoke or vape the same dried buds or distillate from the same plant, edibles, in general, have slightly more pronounced effects that last much longer. For example, the effects of smoking weed like a joint or two normally last around 1 to 3 hours. But the effects of edibles can last anywhere from 3 to 12 hours.

What Type of Edibles Get You High?

Any edible that’s infused with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) should get you high. But this depends on the amount of THC in the edible. If it’s well below 0.3%, then you’ll likely feel very mild psychoactive effects. Though because “getting high” means different from person to person, you might also think that you’re getting high on CBD-only edibles. We recommend you check out our comprehensive guide to 6 ways of consuming cannabis oil.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants. And it’s known to interact with transient and permanent receptors of the human CNS (central nervous system) once it gets into the bloodstream.

When this happens, certain physical effects are felt. And this collection is what many cannabis lovers call body high. This includes lower sugar levels resulting in bloodshot eyes and an increase in appetite, slower breathing and heart rate resulting in sleepiness, muscle and skeletal relaxation resulting in relief from physical pain and discomfort. Sufficient scientific evidence also indicates that very mild mental effects are also felt, often manifesting as calmness and tranquility.

What is THC?

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s also a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants. Hemp, a particular breed of cannabis, has less than 0.3% THC. Meanwhile, another breed of cannabis called marijuana contains equal or more than 0.3% THC.

THC also interacts with human CNS receptors when it gets into the bloodstream. And psychoactive effects are felt when this happens, which collectively is what many call mind high. These effects include cerebral elevation, deep introspection, creative inspiration, expanded imagination, intense concentration and focused determination. Higher energy levels are also felt, depending on the current state of your body and mind right before you ingest THC into your bloodstream.

And this concludes our guide to the best chocolate edibles delivery providers of the top 10 edible chocolate bars Canada brands today. Many certified dispensaries and licensed eCommerce shops all around the country are making it a point to have sufficient stock available for these popular products. And most of them offer quick delivery services within the immediate vicinity of their stores and warehouses.

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