The best cannabis product is the kind that gets you what you want when you want it — and in the best way possible. In this guide, we’ll share with you insider tips and tricks on where to buy cannabis tinctures in Canada.

As one of the most common forms of weed concentrate, cannabis tinctures continue to gain popularity among Canadians these days. They provide a convenient way for patients to ingest their medicine without having to smoke or vape it, leading to more health benefits.

A tincture is a cannabis extract that uses alcohol to create an oil-based solution with marijuana as its base ingredient. The result? A fast-acting product that can be placed under the tongue and absorbed into your body for a powerful effect within minutes.

This article is a complete guide on where you can buy marijuana tinctures in Canada. We will cover what they are, how they work, our favourite brands, and the best places that you can purchase them from across the country!

What are cannabis tinctures?

A cannabis tincture is essentially an oil-based solution that contains a highly concentrated form of medical marijuana. It can be taken orally without smoking or vaping it. 

Some people don’t know what tinctures are. However, these weed concentrates have already been around since 1839. Thanks to innovations in the cannabis industry, the tincture is steadily rising in popularity.

You can typically find tincture bottles in dropper bottles. The reason for this is that they’re usually taken sublingually. Just place a few drops of the concentrate under your tongue. You should expect the effects to kick in an hour or so.

Tinctures are one of the most discreet, fastest-acting, and longest-lasting forms of cannabis concentrate available. They allow users to experience the full range of weed’s therapeutic benefits without attracting unwanted attention.

Tincture oils aren’t strong smelling at all, so they’re not as easy to notice compared to other types like shatter or waxes, nor do they come in an unpleasant colour/shade. You can also pick and choose your favourite tincture oil, depending on the flavour you prefer!

How do they work?

In terms of how they work, you can think of cannabis tinctures in two ways:

  1. By Ingestion: The first way allows the tincture to pass through your digestive system and salivary glands. This produces a similar effect to edibles but is weaker and faster to dissipate.
  2. By absorption. The second is by the process of absorption through your body’s tissues. This method prevents the weed concentrate from being metabolized by the digestive system. As a result, the effects are usually stronger and faster to act.

How are weed tinctures made?

Tinctures are made by extracting THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids from cannabis flowers (or trim) using alcohol such as ethanol, butanol, or glycerol. The solution is then boiled until all the solvent has evaporated and only concentrated cannabis remains.

Cannabis tinctures are made by steeping cannabis in alcohol (sometimes along with other ingredients) for some time. The extraction process can take anywhere from three weeks to six months, depending on how much plant material you use for the solvent. The longer the cannabis steeps in alcohol, the higher potency the tincture will have.

This tincture is then strained out of the solution via a cheesecloth or coffee filter. The final product contains cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes which are all beneficial to your health in their way.

Why choose cannabis tinctures?

There’s so much to love about the tincture. With how easy it is to consume and enjoy, this drop-by-drop cannabis concentrate remains a favourite among all kinds of potheads.

They’re discreet

Tinctures are an attractive way to take your cannabis medicine because they are convenient and discreet.

They are easily transportable because they require no special equipment to use. Every bottle comes with its dropper for added convenience.

Other concentrates can be detected by the smell of marijuana or their particular colour/shade even when consumed through a vaporizer. Unlike other oils such as budder or wax, tincture oils aren’t very strong-smelling at all, so they’re not as easy to identify.

They eliminate the need to smoke

Tinctures cannabis are absorbed through the mouth instead of by smoking or vaping them. A tincture is placed under the tongue, where it’s then absorbed into the body for faster and cleaner delivery.

Because you don’t have to huff a joint, they reduce the risk of exposing oneself to secondhand smoke. This is great news if you live with young children or other people who may not want to be around it.

They’re easy to dose.

Tinctures come with a dropper that allows precision measurements of exactly how much you’re taking and when. Unlike other methods (ex. THC capsules), you can easily control how much you’re ingesting. You won’t have to worry about relying on the potency of another form of cannabis ever again.

They pack a stronger punch.

Compared to most cannabis edibles, the tincture provides more concentrated doses. This is useful for patients with low tolerance levels or those on high doses of pain medication. One downside is you’re losing out on flavour, but you can just as easily put a few drops on your favourite foodstuffs.

They work faster than edibles.

With the right technique, tinctures work faster than many other weed concentrates. Tinctures that are placed under the tongue are absorbed into your bloodstream quickly. Generally speaking, absorption straight into the bloodstream is quicker than having to go through your stomach.

There are not many disadvantages to cannabis tinctures. One possible drawback is that some tinctures can take up to an hour before working, but others only take about 15-30 minutes.

They’re versatile

Weed tinctures are versatile in that they come in different potencies as well as flavours. Tinctures are great for people who want to get hands-on with their weed experiences, customizing how they want their CBD or THC to taste.

Many tinctures come with unique and frequently surprising flavours. We love most of them, but citrus and mint are extremely popular these days.

You can even incorporate cannabis tinctures into your favourite food and drinks. Try them out with:

The possibilities are, of course, endless. That being said, you might get a stronger or weaker experience depending on how much fat you’re co-consuming. The fattier the meal, the slower the onset but, the stronger the outcome.

You also don’t want to cook with the tincture itself. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting all those good cannabinoids. Keep it warm to enjoy the full benefits.

THC Tinctures vs CBD Tinctures: Which one is for you?

For every weed product, you’ll always be asking yourself this question: should I take the THC or the CBD one? The tincture is no exception.

Luckily, your options are boundless when it comes to weed tinctures. You’ve got pure CBD oils, THC tinctures, and even hybrid ones.

Your body may respond better to one or the other. If you need pain relief, then a THC tincture is likely going to be your best option, but if you’re looking for something that will work on anxiety and depression, then a CBD tincture is likely going to be your best option.

THC Tinctures

THC tinctures contain the psychoactive compound THC, that’s responsible for the weed “high.” They are potent and can do wonders rapidly, relieving chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, appetite loss, and more.

They are typically made from stronger Indica strains of marijuana that have been processed into a resin or oil form. Some brands even mix THC with MCT oil to make the highs even stronger.

Possible side effects

THC tinctures may cause some side effects due to how the THC is absorbed into your bloodstream quickly. THC tinctures may cause any of the following conditions: dry mouth, dizziness, anxiety, increased heart rate, and elevated blood pressure.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are drops of extract with each dose containing the power of cannabidiol. They are typically made from CBD-dominant strains of marijuana that have been processed into an oil form without THC, so they’re non-psychoactive.

CBD oils offer relief from pain, skin conditions, mental health conditions, and more. They are also used to treat muscle spasms in children with epilepsy who do not respond to traditional treatment methods.

Different Types of Cannabis Tinctures

There are several types of marijuana tinctures on the market today, including full-spectrum oil, CBD hemp oil, and THC-A resin.

Our suggestion? The best cannabis tincture brands are those that contain full-spectrum oils. We’re advocates of THC and CBD products that contain all the plant’s natural compounds: cannabinoids, terpenes, plant matter, and flavonoids.

Why do they matter? All these different elements work synergistically through what is now known as the entourage effect. Without it, the healing properties of marijuana are drastically reduced.

How do I dose my weed tincture?

The most common way to dose marijuana tincture is through sublingual use. This means you take your tincture underneath the tongue with the help of the dropper that comes with every bottle.

Should you opt to take your tincture sublingually, follow the steps below:

  1. Hold the dropper above your tongue and squeeze out small amounts (depending on the desired potency) under your tongue. Don’t worry, and it won’t make you choke!
  2. Keep the cannabis concentrate there for about 10-15 seconds to allow for better absorption.
  3. Swish or gargle a little bit before swallowing
  4. The effects can take a while to kick. Wait up to 90 minutes before increasing your dosage.

How many drops should I take?

This is a very individualized question as everyone’s tolerance and desired effects are different. Some people just want something to help them relax, while others wish for pain relief or more energy throughout their day.

We generally recommend that you start with 2-3 drops or 1mL, then work your way up. If you’re new to tinctures cannabis, take an incremental increase (ex. from 1mL to 2mL) per day. More experienced users can build tolerance by taking a new dose once every 3-4 hours (max three a day).

Once you’ve determined your potency level, you will need to measure your desired dose using a dropper. Try to use the most accurate measurement possible by counting the drops instead of relying on your eye for estimating measurements.

Tinctures usually come in 1mL dropper bottles with two different measurements:

The concentration, which can range from 1:1 (1 part THC to 1 part carrier) up to 1:10 (10 parts CBD), will also determine how much you should take for desired effects. Weed tinctures can also come in a concentrated form with varying degrees of CBD: THC and other cannabinoids.

It is important to keep in mind that the higher the concentration of THC, the more powerful and sedating it will be. Everyone’s tolerance and desired effects are different — so always start low & go slow!

Our Picks: Best Cannabis Tinctures in Canada

  1. CBD Mashkiki Full Spectrum Tincture by Creator’s Choice 
  2. Pain Daytime 1:3 Tincture by Mukwa Botanicals
  3. Herb Angels THC Tincture
  4. Balance Tincture by Mukwa Botanicals
  5. Pet Mashkiki Full Spectrum Tincture by Creator’s Choice 

The Top 5 Best Cannabis Tinctures in Canada

We’ve researched for you. The top five best cannabis tinctures in Canada each offer their benefits and advantages. But one thing they have in common is they make it so much easier to get the cannabis experience you’re looking for.

CBD Mashkiki Full Spectrum Tincture – Favorite CBD Oil Canada

Our favourite CBD tincture! Use daily to protect your inner peace. Contains full-spectrum CBD oil in a variety of milligrams available for all needs and preferences.

This hope-giving CBD-only tincture features a stunning range of cannabinoids and terpenes from organically grown hemp —that’s right, organic all day long! Plus, other essential oils for a blissful CBD experience that is earthy, sweet, and sensual.

The CBD Mashkiki Full Spectrum Tincture by Creator’s Choice has a little something for everyone with its full spectrum blend of CBD and other cannabinoids. It may not change your life overnight, but it can help balance out your moods with just a few drops.

Available in the following concentrations: 1000mg, 2000mg, and 500mg.

Pain Daytime 1:3 Tincture – Perfect Pain Relief Option

Just because you have pain doesn’t mean your day has to be painful! With Daytime Pain 1:3 CBD/THC tincture, this is not the case. The balanced blend offers the best of both worlds, with all the pain-relieving benefits of CBD alongside THC’s mood-altering effects. 

A melange of Sativa-derived CBD and THC extracts relieves joint pain while promoting attentiveness and mental clarity. We genuinely think it’s one of Mukwa Botanicals’ crown jewels!

Formulated with three parts CBD to one part THC (3 CBD:1 THC), it’s perfect for those who need relief without the high! Daytime pain also boasts a low dose of THC that augments its other benefits instead of eliciting unwanted psychoactive effects.

Ingredients include Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Whole Cannabis Extract, Peppermint Extract, Stevia. Available in 15ml, 30ml, 5ml bottles.

THC Tincture – Highest Quality THC High

Herb Angels’ THC Tincture is formulated with lab-grade ∆9-THC, so it packs a pretty potent high. It comes in a little dropper bottle, so you can use it sublingually or add it to your food and drinks.

We can’t recommend this enough if you want to enjoy the optimal effects and medical benefits of a 100% THC product. Just try not to consume too much, or you might get high!

Each bottle contains 30mL of the concentrate, with a THC concentration level of your choice between 600mg and 1200mg.

Balance Tincture – Best 1:1 Tincture

Mukwa Botanicals Balance Tincture is a beautiful, soothing solution that has been lovingly crafted with the utmost attention to detail. CBD and THC are given equal billing in this tincture, giving you full control over your weed experience without sacrificing quality.

We love the natural taste of stevia and peppermint with each dose. Take it sublingually, but you’ll find that it blends perfectly with some delicious cuppa or edible.

At any rate, relax as the therapeutic components find your body and mind’s pain points. What comes after is a wave of blissful nothingness. We’ve heard it’s particularly great for those with gastrointestinal and digestive issues like Crohn’s disease and Colitis.

Ingredients include Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Whole Cannabis Extract, Peppermint Extract, Stevia. Available in 15ml, 30ml, 5ml bottles.

Pet Mashkiki Full Spectrum Tincture – Ultimate CBD Pet Option

A new pet-friendly option for your four-legged friends! Pet Mashkiki Full Spectrum Tincture by Creator’s Choice is a great way to exercise more control over pain management and minimize the anxiety of cats and dogs.

For every 300 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD oil, this tincture can be used as a viable alternative to traditional medication. In addition, it will provide all the benefits you need without impacting appetite or sleep. It’s a pet supplement for our furry friends when they need some extra love on days when they’re feeling sluggish.

Available in the following concentrations: 150mg and 300mg.

Where to Buy Cannabis Tincture Online

You’re looking for a safe, reliable source of cannabis tinctures that are lab-tested and only contain the highest quality hemp ingredients. You’ve come to the right place.

Creator’s choice is the best choice for cannabis tinctures in Canada. We provide quality cannabis products to customers across Northern Ontario, including Kenora, Dryden, Fort Frances, and Sioux Lookout communities. Our portfolio includes all the latest strains at competitive prices, along with weed edibles, cannabis concentrates, CBD creams & more!

We’re not like other dispensaries in Northern Ontario (and the rest of Canada, for that matter). Our commitment to safety is our top priority. All of our cannabis products are tested by Health Canada-approved labs, so you can be sure they are free from harmful substances!

At Creator’s Choice, we believe in putting our customers first. We want to help you find the right medicine for whatever ails you so you can live a happier life with more energy and less pain!

Order Tinctures Online

Experience the Indigenous Difference at Creator’s Choice

Most dispensaries are not owned by the people they serve. Instead, they’re owned and run by big corporations that don’t care about your health or well-being.

We’re different. As Northern Ontario’s largest First Nation Indigenous-owned cannabis dispensary, we’re rebels and pioneers in the industry. Let us be your guide to the exciting world of indigenous offerings.

We’re proudly located on Wahnapitae First Nation, a developing community that’s deeply grounded on our Ojibway roots. Come to our place and witness surreal sceneries and landscapes perfect for outdoor activities. Or check our cafe where we serve THC-infused edibles!

Final Thoughts

Cannabis tinctures are by far one of our favourite delivery methods for marijuana. By marrying convenience with potency, they offer an enticing alternative to your good ‘ol joint. No drop too big to handle.

We like taking them under our tongues, but you add them to a wide variety of food and drinks. Once you harness its medicinal benefits, the tincture becomes an amazing supplement to your daily routine.

Of course, no two cannabis products are alike. What we found is that the best cannabis tinctures in Canada make the most of their cannabinoids. We’re big fans of CBD Mashkiki Full Spectrum Tincture by Creator’s Choice and Balance Tincture by Mukwa Botanicals.

You don’t have to be a pothead or an expert in the field of cannabis tinctures to enjoy these products. Creator’s choice is open and inviting, with knowledgeable staff dedicated to ensuring their customers feel welcome.

We hope we have helped you find where to buy cannabis tincture in Canada. If you want help choosing the best product for your needs, call one of our experts at 705-858-7336!

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