You have probably heard Chemdawg described as the perfect solution for relaxing your mind and body. Chemdawg strains are known to help with musculoskeletal pain and anxiety. The cross between such benefits and a strong need for natural remedies has made this strain into the cannabis hall of fame. 

The lovely aroma combined with a solid and lasting buzz is the perfect description of the effects of this potent cannabis strain. Of course, some of us may be on the fence about using the Chemdawg strain because we don’t have enough information about its content, flavour, experience, or effects. No problem, because this review will answer all your questions.  

What is Chemdawg?

Chemdawg is a super popular landrace cross strain despite uncertainties around its genetic history. It’s a popular hybrid between at least two strains that come together to produce a unique taste and intense high. Chemdawg is also one of the most potent strains out there, with THC levels of up to 20%. 

A wide range of products and strains stem from this hybrid. One of the more popular ones is Cheesedawg, a hybrid between Chemdawg and UK cheese. Sour Chem, Flower Powder, and Purple Chemdawg are some of the names for this potent cannabis. However, it would be best to confuse it with Chemdog, a different strain. 

The Experience

It’s common to be surprised by the potency of Chemdawg the first time you try, especially novice users who should be very careful with this potent strain. All you need is a few tokes of this hybrid to dive into a deep euphoria that will take your mind to a new level of creativity. 

The creativity factors are so well-known among regular Chemdawg users that many artists use this potent strain for their artistic endeavours. The smooth buzz will take away your anxiety, allowing you to communicate with others freely. Many users describe the initial high as a long, blissful journey into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. 

Of course, as mentioned earlier, inexperienced consumers should watch their dosage closely as high doses of this potent strain can become too much and cause adverse effects. Excessive use of the Chemdawg strain has made users fatigued and paranoid, among other things. 

Chemdawg Strain: Indica or Sativa?

Like any other strain, you may wonder about the balance between Indica and Sativa in Chemdawg. While potency suggests that this strain is Sativa dominant, it is a reasonably balanced hybrid between Sativa and Indica. That’s why many call it an ideal strain that can help with a wide range of medical conditions.

Chemdawg has a sizable share of the cannabis market with its high THC levels, delicious taste and intoxicating aroma. It’s also a balanced hybrid that induces a tingling buzz in the body and calms the mind.

Chemdawg Genetics

The exact genetics of Chemdawg is a bit shrouded in mystery. Most people believe it’s a hybrid between two Sativa strains that breeders have combined. Others say that Chemdawg is the product of a concerted mixing of seeds that created its parent strain, the Dog Bud.

While we can’t say the story is 100% true, we know that two Sativa strains, the Thai strain and the Nepalese strain, are the parent strains of Chemdawg.

Chemdawg Price

In terms of price, Chemdawg is one of the more affordable strains on the market because it is relatively older than other new products, and you can easily buy it online. It’s also considered a staple in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands, lowering prices further.

You can go online and buy Chemdawg for $10 a gram. It usually sells in 1g, 3g, 7g, 14g, and 28g quantities. As the amount goes closer to 28g, the price can drop to $7.85 a gram.

Chemdawg THC Level

If you’re a long-time cannabis fan, you know that a THC content of 12.5% is the mark of a well-balanced hybrid. But, Chemdawg’s THC level is usually around 20% and rarely falls below 15%, although its most strong phenotype lands on 22%.

The potency is why many recommend the Chemdawg strain as a sensible choice for Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and other conditions. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that there are products more potent than this hybrid because there are many strains that are relatively new on the scene.

Chemdawg Flavor

Chemdawg has all the qualities of what you would call a flavorful marijuana strain. The earthy and diesel flavour profile is why this hybrid is a favoured classic among all the new products today. If you’re looking for a next-level experience when using this strain, you can get yourself a flower vaporizer.

One of the many benefits of a vaporizer that enhances the flavour is no material combustion. Plus, since you’re not lighting paper, there’ll be no sign of that tangy taste you get when lighting a joint. 

Chemdawg Edibles

Like any other strain, you can use Chemdawg to make edibles, but you have to remember to decarboxylate the strain and mix it well with oil or even fat. You won’t get quality cannabis edibles without adding fat or oil. Why? Because you can dissolve THC in water, you need to mix it with something else to make it work.

Plus, decarboxylating the weed is essential because, without the heat, you’re consuming THCA, which is the raw form of THC.  

Medical Benefits

The widespread use of cannabis strains, including Chemdawg, in the US and Canada is partly due to its medicinal benefits. Most people find the euphoria and relaxation from consuming this strain to be the perfect remedy for PTSD and chronic stress. Many physicians even prescribe Chemdawg for patients struggling with anxiety, worry, or depression. 

On top of that, specific properties of the Chemdawg strain make it an effective solution for inflammation-related conditions such as arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you talk to many Chemdawg fans, they’ll tell you it’s an instant relief for back pain, wrist and ankle sprain, and almost any part of the body. It’s a well-known substance that stimulates the appetite and mitigates nausea, especially for chemotherapy people.

Possible Side Effects

Regular cannabis users know that most strains can leave you a bit dehydrated, and Chemdawg is no exception. After the effects of smoking Chemdawg kick in, you may feel a little dry on the mouth and even on the eyes.

Due to the high THC content, excessive use of this hybrid may lead to paranoia in rare cases, and occasionally, you may feel dizzy. While it’s rare, some people report that the strong effects of this hybrid can cause mild headaches.

How to Relieve the Side Effects

As stated before, Chemdawg is a balanced hybrid overall but leans slightly towards indica, which you can sense when using it. What does indica feel like? Well, if you consume it in higher doses, it can make you feel a bit tired and even sink onto the couch. If you ever feel that way, you need to take a freezing shower, followed by a hot cup of coffee, and then go for a run. 

These three steps effectively get you out of the stoned phase. But, if you dose wisely, you can relieve the daily stress and enjoy the euphoria and relaxation that comes with using this Sativa – Indica hybrid. 

Growing Chemdawg Indoors

It’s not easy to grow Chemdawg seeds. Beginners are advised to try other strains because growing Chemdawg requires a high level of cannabis information and experience. You can grow Chemdawg indoors and outdoors and watch it grow. 

To grow Chemdawg indoors, you need to create a warm and dry space and carefully monitor the plant for about seven to nine weeks. That’s when the plant flowers and produces more than 700 grams per square meter. You can harvest it in the seventh week, but it’s better to wait two more weeks for the plant to reach its maximum potency and yield.

Growing Chemdawg Outdoors

You can also grow Chemdawg outdoors if you live in a Mediterranean region. While it may be a bit difficult compared to indoors, the reward is well worth it. Growing Chemdawg outdoors can give you an impressive yield of around 990 grams per plant!

You need to be an experienced grower because the plant will grow pretty tall, and you need to prune it in the early stages to keep it at a proper height. Plus, you need to install structural support for the plant because the buds will become heavy. 

Bottom Line

The distinct taste, unique aroma, and high THC content are just a few of the qualities that have made Chemdawg a classic. On top of that, the wide range of medical benefits makes it a solid choice for those struggling with physical pain and mental issues. While the origins of Chemdawg are shrouded in mystery, there’s no question about the potency of this popular cannabis strain. 

Fortunately, nowadays, buying Chemdawg is entirely legal in Canada, meaning that you can enjoy the taste and aroma of this Sativa – Indica hybrid and the medicinal benefits that come with it. Of course, you should be careful where you buy this strain. 

If you’re looking for top-notch products, it’s much better to go online and find Chemdawg tested and approved by third-party experts. At Creator’s Choice, that’s what we give you to help you make that flavorful experience into a relaxing and euphoric memory. Make sure to check our other flowers and get all the answers you need from our team of experienced budtenders.

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