Where To Buy Live Resin In Canada

Live resin is an exciting and new cannabis product. If you haven’t heard of this concentrate yet, then you’re surely missing out on all the canna-fun!

Flash-freezing cannabis flowers make it until extracting its compounds through a solvent like butane. The final product is a sticky, yellow-gold substance that essentially preserves the plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Live Resin can be consumed as a dab or mixed with other ingredients to make edibles and vape pens more potent than ever before!

Finding top-shelf concentrates can be tricky. If you’re in Canada, there are a few places you can see live resin for sale near me.

Read on to find out more about where to buy live resin in Canada!

What is Live Resin?

Though it’s a relatively new product in the market, the live resin has already won the hearts of potheads across Canada.

This sticky, yellowish goo is a very potent cannabis concentrate. Unlike other cannabis extracts, live resin bursts with flavour thanks to a unique extraction process that retains all the terpenes and lipids present in cannabis buds.

Live resin has a different and fuller flavour profile compared to other products. Plus, you won’t find potencies from other concentrates that surpass resin because it contains more cannabinoids.

Live resin can be used in many different ways, but you’ll often see it paired with a vape or a dab rig. Luckily, the concentrate offers flexibility in terms of use.

Why Buy Live Resin Online?

Many customers are still on the edge when purchasing from online dispensaries. Buying live resin from an online vendor may be just as good (or even better) than going to the nearest physical store. Here’s why:

It’s way more convenient.

One of the significant advantages of buying live resin from an online dispensary is saving you time. With delivery at home, you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere to get your live resin.

It’s also more cost-effective. The convenience of having your live resin delivered right to your doorstep means lower transport costs for this commodity.

It saves you money

Another significant advantage is that you’re spending less on hidden fees! Buying live resin online means there are no middlemen — all transactions happen between you and the grower.

This often means reduced prices for the product, which translates directly into savings for the customer. Plus, some dispensaries also offer free shipping for minimum orders.

Enjoy quality products

You can be sure that all products sold on a reputable site have been lab-tested for quality and potency. You can’t be sure of this when buying cannabis products from a dispensary.

You can even read reviews online to evaluate quality. Wondering if that cheap weed is worth the cent: check out what other customers have to say!

Where to Buy Live Resin Canada in 2021?

If you’re like us, you love dosing your favourite concentrate but hate the fact that it’s not always easy to find what you want. 

We’ve been in business for quite some time now, so we know what it takes to provide you with premium-quality marijuana products that deliver exceptional results. 

Creator’s Choice offers premium-quality tested live resin that will satisfy your canna cravings. Our cannabis inventory is always fresh, and we keep our customers happy by having new products coming in all of the time.

 We offer high-quality cannabis goods to customers in Northern Ontario’s Kenora, Dryden, Fort Frances, and Sioux Lookout regions. Whether you are looking for marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates, CBD oil, or other marijuana products, we’ve got it covered! 

Creators’ Choice: Your Go-To Dispensary for Live Resin To Buy in Canada 2021

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Top-quality concentrates you won’t find elsewhere.

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Why is Live Resin Canada so Popular?

Live resin has become very popular with cannabis users, exceptionally experienced ones. That’s because it provides many benefits that other products can’t offer. For instance:

  • It tastes more like the cannabis plant itself, which means you won’t taste any solvents or chemicals when consuming live resin.
  • It also means that you’ll enjoy a cannabinoid-rich product without having to worry about harmful toxins.
  • It’s much more potent than older forms of cannabis, which is why it has become increasingly popular for medical patients and people looking to get relief from anxiety, chronic pain, and other conditions.

How Much Does Live Resin Canada Cost?

Live resin is the real deal in potency, and many people will say that it has more THC. It does come at a cost, though.

A single gram can cost anywhere between $30–$65, depending on which brand you choose. On the other hand, a single ounce will net you $500 to $650.

A premium live resin will cost you a lot more, so be ready to shell out a little more cash. Live rosin is less potent than resin counterparts, so they typically cost less.

How is Live Resin Made?

Making live resin involves two crucial steps to maintain the flower’s delicate aromatic compounds:

  • The first step consists of flash-freezing the buds to prevent any further degradation.
  • The second step requires extraction using chemical solvents such as CO2 or butane. 

Flash Freezing versus Curing

Growers will flash-freeze selected live resin strains immediately after harvest. To do so, they either expose the flowers to dry ice or dip them in liquid nitrogen.

Unlike other extracts, live resin does not make use of cured buds. This is key to understanding why resin typically costs more than most concentrates.

It generally requires more effort (and money) to flash-freeze marijuana than cure them. However, the curing process also disintegrates and degrades the active compounds in weed.

Flash-frozen buds preserve the aromatic compounds found in weed until they’re ready to undergo some extraction. In contrast, cured buds lose all their natural terpenes and flavonoids.

Solvent extraction method

One of the more popular methods involves using a solvent to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids present in weed. Like many other extracts that use solvents, there is still some loss.

Each solvent extraction method has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a ranking of most effective and least effective in terms of preserving strain contents:

  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction: The supercritical CO method produces cannabis oil close to living resin. It also allows for more terpene retention than most solvents because of the lower temperatures involved during processing.
  • PHO (propane hash oil) extraction: Though not as typical as others, propane oil can be used to extract terpenes. Propane’s main advantage is operating at higher pressures while delivering less residue.
  • BHO (butane hash oil) extraction involves exposing the buds to butane. Though convenient and widespread, butane strips some active compounds from live resin and leaves behind a wax-like substance.

Advantages of the cold extraction method

The more heat applied to make live resin concentrates, the easier it is to lose terpenes via degradation. Cold extraction is an increasingly popular way to produce resin without using any heat at all!

Live resin created through cold-extraction is sometimes called rosin or live rosin. This distinction is sometimes left out, so it helps to understand the different extraction methods.

An increasing amount of live resin available on the market today is made through cold extraction — and for a good reason:

About a third of live resin available on the market today is made by the cold extraction method — and for a good reason:

  • Maximum retention: Since there’s much less risk of atomizing cannabinoids or altering their properties, cold extraction preserves the best qualities of the original plant material.
  • Minimal additives: Since almost no solvents are used during the production, live resin products have more benefits and can be enjoyed without unpleasant after-effects.
  • Natural colour: Little manufacturing takes place at room temperature without butane gas or chemical devices. As a result, live resin products often take a bright green colour to show freshness.
  • Higher potency: Since there isn’t any heat used, there is little to no chance of decarboxylation. The products retain more of the psychoactive properties and effects of THC and other cannabinoids.
  • Complex flavours and aroma: Many extracts made using the butane method don’t have a distinct terpene profile, so they can taste and smell as the chemical solvent used.
  • Tasty smoke: In contrast to solvent-based resin, cold-extracted live cannabis extract retains much more of the terpenes from cannabis plants to give you an improved flavour experience.

How is Live Resin Different from Other Cannabis Products?

Unsurprisingly, live resin isn’t the only cannabis product that’s highly concentrated and filled with terpenes and flavonoids. Other popular categories such as bubble hash and shatter can also be cold extracted if the manufacturer decides to.

That means they have similar benefits to live resin products regarding their flavour profile and potency levels. So how exactly does resin differentiate itself from its competition?

Live Resin vs Hash

Hash is made by extracting the active compounds from weed using heat. This can be done in various ways, but the most popular is to use hashish as the starting material.

Unlike hash, live resin flash freezes the buds and virtually uses no heat (if cold extracted). This gives it a much more complex flavour profile. Hash products typically have a milder flavour compared to live resin products.

Live Resin vs Shatter

One of the most common questions people have about live resin is how it compares to shatter. Since they share the same extraction method, they also have similar benefits in terms of flavour and potency.

The main difference lies in their physical properties. As you might already know, shatter is brittle and breaks easily.

Resin, on the other hand, is waxy and malleable. This makes it easier to use resin on dab rigs and vape pens, as you can quickly reshape them to fit the mould.

In terms of complexity, resin still overtakes shatter simply because it contains more terpenes. That being said, those who want a purer experience will find shatter to be the better option.

Live Resin versus Live Rosin

Rosin, also called live rosin, is a type of cannabis concentrate made without any solvent. Because of this solvent-free property, rosin is a great option for health-conscious potheads and medical marijuana patients.

The good news is that live rosin is a live resin made through cold extraction. However, it’s worth pointing this out because not all companies make that Difference.

Both extracts preserve the delicate terpenes and lipids found in the plant material during manufacturing. This means the flavour profile will be richer and more complex than other cannabis concentrates.

Live resin (made through solvent extraction) has more THC in terms of potency. While you do lose out on some potency level with live rosin, you won’t have to worry about solvents possibly causing unwanted flavours or side effects.

How Do You Use Live Resin?

Live resin is a term used to describe when you combine fresh cannabis and trim with butane during processing. The result is a cartilaginous and goopy product that tastes and smells just like the live resin strain it was made from.

It has become all the rage in the cannabis world over the past year because of how dank it can be. And frankly, we’re here for it… so as long as your lungs can handle the heat!

There are a few ways to consume live resin — just like you would with any other cannabis product!

Some people will break up their squeeze into small segments and put them on flower bowls. Others will vape it using a particular cartridge. You can also use live resin in cooking.

Vaping live resin

Vaping live resin is one of the most popular ways to consume this product. All you need is a unique vape cartridge designed for concentrates. Once you have the cartridge, it’s easy to use – attach it to your vape pen, and you’re good to go.

When vaping live resin, it’s important to remember that the product is very concentrated. Start with a small amount and wait a few minutes to see how it affects you. Feel free to add more, but be careful not to overdo it if you need more.

Important safety note: Never heat live resin in an open flame! Doing so can release harmful chemicals and vapours.

Using a dab rig

A dab rig is a type of water pipe used to inhale cannabis concentrates, like live resin. A dab rig consists of a cylinder with a nail on top, heated by passing it over an open flame.

The nail has to be heated until the point where it becomes red-hot before any concentrate can be put onto it. When you’re ready to take a hit, you cover the chamber that houses the nail with your finger, then inhale the vapour through the mouthpiece.

While there are plenty of ways to smoke weed, dabbing is ubiquitous in modern marijuana culture because it produces intense highs.

You can find all kinds of concentrate with the dab right. But if you want to experiment with intensity while preserving terpene profiles, then live resin is a perfect choice.

Cooking with live resin

Live resin is delicious on its own, but it can also be used to jazz up your edible game! Cooking with live resin allows you to create complex dishes that offer the best cannabis has to offer!

You can resin in most cooking projects – just like you would with other concentrates.

This means that you can use live resin in baked goods, dressings, and even sauces. You could even make some sushi rolls topped with live resin sauce. Yum!

Cook with live resin when you’re looking for something exciting but familiar. This product is excellent for medicated recipes designed to appeal to the masses… like cannabutter.

Go for the best kind you decide to cook with cannabis concentrates. When you settle for cheap live resin, you might end up ruining the dish altogether!


Live Resin is an exciting way to experience weed in its most natural form. The intense flavour and smell of the strain you’re using will be preserved, making it an excellent choice for all kinds of uses. Just be careful not to overdo it – live resin can pack a punch!

If you’re looking to buy live resin in Canada, you know where to go. At Creator’s Choice, you’ll never run out of premium cannabis products to choose from. We have Toxic Live Resin and Sticky Zoo Live Resin – VARIOUS STRAINS available online now!

The Choice is yours — order all your canna-needs today!

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